Centrifugal Pumps

If it’s a centrifugal pump you need, we offer hundreds of models and sizes.

Mack Pump offers a wide range of centrifugal pump designs to meet all service requirements, from the simplest water services to severe corrosives, difficult abrasive slurries, stringy solids, high temperature fluids, and hazardous liquids...low flow or high capacity. Horizontal and vertical configurations are available in metallic or non-metallic construction. Pumps can be provided in long coupled or close coupled configurations and can be provided in sealed or sealless magnetically driven designs.


Positive Displacement Pumps

Do you need to pump a viscous liquid, pump a shear sensitive liquid or pump a measured amount of liquid?

Mack Pump offers various styles of positive displacement pumps in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your most demanding applications. Pumps are offered in both sealed and sealless designs and can be constructed in a wide range of materials.


Pump Controls 

Extend pumping equipment life, reduce energy consumption, and increase safety.                             

Mack Pump offers a number of control options to ensure your pumps run at peak performance. These same controls can extend pumping equipment life by protecting against dry run, cavitation, and operation at shutoff


Mechanical Seals, Packing and Seal Reservoirs

Are you looking for the most complete selection of performance proven seals and packings?

Mack Pump offers seals and packings for every application. Available seal systems range from the simplest water seals, through double and tandem seals, to gas lubricated seals, slurry seals, and split seals. Seals and packings are offered for many styles of fluid handling equipment.

John Crane Cartridge Seal

Pump Accessories

Make sure your pump is easier to install, is less expensive to maintain, and operates safely.

Mack Pump can offer pump accessories that will add years of maintenance free life to your pumping equipment. These same accessories allow for an easier, less expensive and safe installation. Consider the total cost of ownership over the life of your equipment and choose pumping accessories that save.


Electric Motors 

Do you need an electric motor?

Mack Pump works with various motor manufacturers directly to offer complete OEM pump packages or replacement motors.  We can offer motors in any horsepower, speed and enclosure to meet your electrical requirements.